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Emerald City Decor - Local Room

Once again our chill room will be featuring 350+ black light responsive poppies. We will also be having couches and comfy chairs available!

But if chilling in our field of poppies isn't for you then just a little ways over we've got our local room which is anything but relaxing. This room will be featuring a 12 - 15 foot 3 dimensional twister complete with people and farm animals flying around the room!

Main room details will be released on Friday!

Set times will be released on Thursday!

The Emerald City is almost here!!!!

Emerald City Decor - Part 1

 7 DAYS LEFT!!!!!!!!
Which means it's time to release some decoration details...remember we've got 3 fully decorated rooms with themes from the Wizard of Oz movie. 
Our chill room is up first and man oh man it's gonna look crazy sitting back and relaxing to sights and sounds surrounded by 350+ black light responsive poppies and other black light plantlife!!!!
This room is just the beginning, we've got two rooms to go and their details will be released throughout the week!


Armin van Buuren

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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Heineken Green Energy presents...



</td></tr><tr><td height="10"></td></tr><tr><td width="100%">Location: Pharaohs Nightclub (Lagimodiere & Elizabeth) </td></tr><tr><td></td></tr><tr><td height="10"></td></tr><tr><td colspan="3">
Ranked #2 in the prestigious public-voted DJ Top 100

This will be the biggest show of 2007
</td></tr><tr><td height="10"></td></tr><tr><td></td></tr><tr><td height="15"></td></tr><tr><td height="100%">Advance Tickets are only $30(plus tax) and on sale now, at each clubs respective Hotel Desk, or charge-by-phone at 694-SHOW (7469).

Doors open at 8pm Must be legal age to attend.


Feb. 14th, 2007

March 11, 2006 we brought you to Neverland.  Now in 2007 comes a whole new world that is definitly no place like home.  We've searched far and wide through the entire kingdome for the perfect sound and brought it here to the city.  Join us as we explore the...
RODI STYLE (Calgary)
Hard House / NRG
In the past 5 years, Rodi Style has grown from one of Calgary's leading DJs into one of North America's leading Hard House / NRG DJs and producers.  With over a hundred gigs in Canada as well as stops in the UK, USA and future gigs in Australia & New Zealand, Rodi Style has made a name for himself with his hard edge style of music, scratching, tricks and original productions.  His music has been played by some of the biggest Hard Dance DJs in the world including Lisa Lashes, Justin Bourne, Anne Savage, Ben Stevens, James Lawson, and Proteus to name a few.  As well, his music has appeared in the hard dance sections of Mixmag & DJMAG magazines.  His rise in popularity over the few years has allowed him to share the stage with DJs such as Johan Gielen, Armin Van Buuren, Yoji Biomehanika, Kai Tracid, Uberdruck, Judge Jules and many others!
Dj Kinder vs Ryan G (Regina vs Winnipeg)
Bangin' House
Deepahead Prod
They've faced off once before on his turf.  Now the battle ignites again...Come witness this epic, no holds barred rematch where Kinder takes on one of our best in a battle that's sure to leave you convulsing on the floor!
The Crew:
Earth Base 1
Sky Jones
Lo Progression
Darian James
Phaze M
Jay C
This is a 3 room event including:
  • Dedicated black light chill room with ambient sounds & lights
  • Canteen
  • Glow Gear
  • Decorations
  • Laser & Light show provided by Frequency Pro Audio & Lighting Systems!!!  This is the crew responsible for such Winnipeg shows as Marco V: In Charge, Evil Dead, Where The Wild Things Are, the Back 2 The Future series and of course....Neverland!

16+ Event /// ID IS MANDATORY

Flyers, ticket info and prices will be released soon!!!

Awakening the Colors

So late this afternoon I made a few more connections and decided to open a new livejournal community.  Some of the things that I have posted there are directly from my own writings.

Called "Awakening the Colors" it is a community intended for critical discourse amongst individuals who are finding their way through life.  I will be moderating it heavily to keep drama out.  Discourse and sharing is encouraged.  It is perhaps a system of collective pedagogy.

Take a look at the bio info here, and if you like it, please raise awareness and digg it.

(x-posted to a few communities as well)


Marco V

Saturday January 27th, 2007
Soundwave Entertainment is extremely proud to present..
In Charge / ID-T : The Netherlands
This will be a large scale event featuring one of the worlds most influential Trance/Techno producer.  We have worked for over two years to bring Marco V to Winnipeg and we are extremely excited to finally have everything CONFIRMED for Saturday January 27th, 2007!
Many more details to come!
Thread on Truth vs. Trust here.

Markus Schultz

IVF presents International DJ "Markus Schulz" at Pharaohs Friday Feb 16th

Located in the Canad Inns – Windsor Park 1034 Elizabeth Road
Date: Feb. 16, 2007

“Advance Tickets” are only $15.00 plus tax ($20 at the Door) and on sale now, at the front desk of
the Canad Inns - Windsor Park, or charge-by-phone at 694-SHOW (7469).

Doors open at 8pm Must be legal age to attend.

Markus Schulz is a man on a mission. He dreams of meeting the world. This dream just might be possible. Currently #19 on the DJ Mag Top 100 DJs, Markus has been traveling the world this past year playing his personal brand of “dark, moody, melodic trance” and meeting as many people as possible.

This year has seen Markus cross the globe on an almost constant basis. From Australia to Russia and as far away as China and Trinidad. Along with playing his hometown of Miami. Markus was also found in Ibiza at his summer residency at Amnesia; The Two Tribes Tour in Australia and New Zealand; Tomorrowland in Belgium; Mysterland and Trance Energy in The Netherlands; Nature One in Germany; Distant Heat in Jordan as well as clubs and in Kuala Lumpur, Romania, Czech Republic, Mexico, Sweden, Finland, Hungary, Slovakia, UK, Boston, Los Angeles, New York and the list goes on.

Global DJ Broadcast, Markus’ weekly radio show, can now be heard on over 30 stations worldwide. His very special “Ibiza Summer Sessions” debuted this summer. Wanting to give the listener the feeling of being part of the Ibiza summer, Markus planned each week with the best guest djs and hottest music from the Balearic Islands. The mission was to bring Ibiza to those who couldn’t be there and add to the experience of those who were. And it worked. New stations the world over grabbed up the show for their audiences. Markus reached out through the airwaves to meet more people and touch their lives.

Not only has Markus been winning the world over with his radio show, but he released his newest mix cd “Ibiza 06” this year. Markus realized the sound of summer in Ibiza is a very special and has a unique feeling and he meant to capture this with his cd. “I wanted to give the listener the feeling like they were there and the cd was the soundtrack to their time on the island” Markus explains. “I know how special a place it is for me, so many spectacular memories and I really wanted to capture that emotion.”

With no plans for slowing down anytime soon, Markus just might meet the world after all.

DiG Attendance

so i don't know how many folk here hit the clubs regularly, but I'm a little curious about the low attendace at DiG at the WArehouse on Friday nights. There's all the favortie locals who spin there yet it seems that attendance for the last while has been abyssmal. Any have ideas why? Is it just not promoted heavily enough?